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Storytelling Workshop

Full text - Principal

Dear Mary-Elin:

I must thank you for the fine workshops you presented at two of our in-service days this month. They were appropriate to the audience described in your brochure. Primary teachers, reading consultants and remedial specialists learned much from you. Even though your demonstrations dealt with stories, I had an opportunity to observe a kindergarten teacher use the technique when teaching "time" to her class. The "apron" method focused her class and allowed her to increase student participation. One of my grade one teachers noted that she was able to use your technique with a class whose ability to stay on task has been a chore.

It is obvious to me that Cook Up A Story is a teaching method which can be used in a variety of situations.  You are selling this methodology short. Based upon my experience it affords students opportunity to become active learners in a variety of situations. They are limitless.

In closing, I must personally thank you for bringing a breath of fresh air to those involved with the workshops. They were given an opportunity to think, explore and risk. You made it happen!

Thank you for a wonderful presentation. Your evaluations from those in attendance show me that you will be asked to return.


Paul G. Gionfriddo

Ruth L. Chaffee School
160 Superior Avenue
Newington, CT 06111

Note: This kind letter was written in 1996. Mr. Gionfriddo retired in 1998,  but has given his permission for this letter to be used in full text on this web site. Thank you, Mr. Gionfriddo.
Mary-Elin R.